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17 April 2021

The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time OutTakes

Previously unreleased tracks & alternate versions from theOriginal 1959 Recording Session!

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16 April 2021

Teus Nobel - Tanto Amor

Already during his early years at the Codarts University for the Arts (Rotterdam), trumpeter Teus Nobel toured all over Europe with the Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation. They played in clubs an festivals all over Europe and Russia and received international praise for their album “Motif Loco” (2007). In 2010, Teus joined the Dutch Royal Airforce Orchestra as their jazz soloist. Together with the renowned Metropole Orkest, this orchestra is the only fulltime jazz- and pop-orchestra of the Netherlands. Teus released 6 albums, from which 2 are dedicated to Ivan Lins (Tanto Amor 2021) and Antonio Carlos Jobim (Saudade 2019).

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15 April 2021

DJ Format - Devil's Workshop

‘DEVIL'S WORKSHOP’is an instrumental album that sees DJ Format going in a slightly different direction to what you might have expected. 

Continuing the blueprint laid down in DJ Shadow's groundbreaking early work that made it possible for a hip hop producer to create genre-defying new compositions from old records, everything you hear is painstakingly pieced together from 100% samples – creating the illusion you're listening to a band assembled by David Axelrod. 

There's no time for stagnant, repetitive loops that leave you wondering when a rapper is going to appear, instead each song keeps building in mood and intensity by the clever use of layer upon layer of carefully chosen samples. A rich tapestry of musical instruments from keyboards, horns & guitars through to vibes, bamboo flutes & sitars paint an exciting soundscape throughout the album. 

While it is primarily an instrumental album, Format utilises a variety of vocal samples from sources as wide ranging as '60s spoken word, '70s religious records, right up to '80s & '90s rap records, all used out of their original context to tell a new story. 

‘DEVIL'S WORKSHOP’steers away from DJ Format’s past releases and from a typical hip hop record - an introspective journey for the open-minded, is an album that leaves the door open to personal reflection.. as Format puts it “Everyone may have different ideas as to the meaning of certain songs but as long as they make you think....and feel something...that's all that really matters.”

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14 April 2021

Warren Hampshire - Language Of The Birds

Warren Hampshire is a well-known face on the Isle of Wight music scene, having seen huge success playing keys and guitar in The Bees through the 2000s and recording some of Britain’s most respected new Jazz LPs over the last few years with Greg Foat asHampshire and Foat for Athens of the North

His metronomic skills have put him in the center of many of the island’s bands as a member of session musician and he is as happy playing an acoustic guitar in a small local pub as he is the main stage at Glastonbury (which he has a few times). 

His latest album 'Language Of The Birds’ was recorded solo shortly after completing 'Galaxies Like Grains Of Sand' and 'The Honey Bear' with jazz pianist Greg Foat.  The LP is noticeably influenced by Warren’s love for the countryside and woodlands of the Isle of Wight. 

Warren’s work is also influenced by his interest in catastrophism, the history of extinction events and the use of symbolism employed in the arts and architecture used to communicate knowledge of such events to subsequent civilizations. His music is always deeply personal and honest, connecting directly to the listener; something that has gained him a cult following in psych-jazz and folk realms whilst not falling into any of them. 

Warren’s personal musings hint at ‘60s psychedelic-folk but with a deeper connection to nature and the part we all play within its arms. The mesmerising effect of his music is elevated by his own hand-drawn artwork, evoking memories of vintage children's books, fairy tales, and fantastic worlds.

Most of the instruments on the LP are played by Warren himself, with friends from the island joining him over various tracks. Philip Achille,  one of the UK’s finest harmonica players joined him on ‘I Just Didn't Think You'd Care’; Philip also scored and directed the strings for the LP. 

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13 April 2021

Kenny Dorham -Quiet Kenny

Dorham’s ninth album as a leader, Quiet Kenny finds the horn player leading an all-star quartet in a top-notch, 1959 set. Helmed by the renowned engineer Rudy Van Gelder, Dorham, along with pianist Tommy Flanagan, bassist Paul Chambers and drummer Art Taylor, perform a selection of originals (including “Lotus Blossom” and “Blue Friday”) and standards (“Old Folks,” “Alone Together”).
Limited to 3,900 copies worldwide, this exclusive reissue boasts all-analog mastering from the original mono tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and was pressed on 180-gram vinyl at RTIQuiet Kenny comes housed in a classic tip-on jacket, replicating the original packaging.

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12 April 2021

Julian Lage - Squint

Hailed as one of the most prodigious guitarists of his generation, Julian Lage has spent more than a decade searching through the myriad strains of American musical history via impeccable technique and a spirit of infinite possibility. After notable Blue Note appearances on The Nels Cline 4’s Currents, Constellations (2018) and Charles Lloyd’s 8: Kindred Spirits (2020), the acclaimed GRAMMY-nominated artist is poised to make his own Blue Note debut with the June 11 release of Squint. Produced by Margaret Glaspy and Armand Hirsch, the dynamic 11-song set featuring 9 originals showcases both Lage’s remarkable songcraft and adventurous sense of improvisation which takes flight in the company of his trusted trio with bassist Jorge Roeder and drummer Dave King (The Bad Plus).

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11 April 2021

S-Tone inc - No Meio Do Samba Remixes

From the latest S-Tone Inc’s album 'Body & Soul' comes a new single release with four versions of the track “No Meio Do Samba” featuring Toco.

Two versions are by Stefano Tirone himself and take inspiration from the mellow deep house sound of Frankie Knuckles and Larry Heard (Mr. Fingers) which take back to the early '90s.
Deep bassline, mellow grand piano and Roland 909 drum machine suit nicely to the vocals of Toco and Priscila Ribas.

A third version comes courtesy of MVC Project (DJ Maurizio Cappellato) and is a fine blend of styles, broken-beat house with a jazzy feel. 

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10 April 2021

Damon Locks & Black Monument Ensemble - Now

Chicago’s Black Monument Ensemble shares new album, "NOW", available digitally today, April 9th, and physically on July 9th via International Anthem. Originally conceived as a medium for Chicago-based multimedia artist/activist Damon Locks’ sample-based sound collage work, Black Monument Ensemble has evolved into a vibrant collective of artists, musicians, singers, and dancers making work with common goals of joy, compassion, and intention. Galvanized by Locks’s conceptualizing, poeticizing, and guiding vision, the contributors come from all facets of the diverse wellspring of Black artistic excellence in Chicago, bringing their unique perspectives and experiences to uplifting, anthemic, and highly animated musical performance.

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9 April 2021

Matt Panayides - Field Theory

MATT PANAYIDES is a guitarist and composer whose distinctive playing has led to performances throughout New York City and all over the world. Influenced by the language of jazz musicians, rock bands and singer/songwriters Panayides has set out on his own path creating a unique body of music documented across numerous performances and recordings. Based in Jersey City, Panayides can be found leading his own groups and collaborating with other musicians throughout NYC and abroad.

His current musical project was formed in 2018 and is called FIELD THEORYLooking for new ways to express himself musically Panayides began experimenting with the endless sounds available using different guitar pedals while woodshedding with MATT VASHLISHAN, a saxophonist and multi-woodwind instrumentalist and the concept started taking shape. Rounding out the band are RICH PERRY on tenor, ROBERT SABIN on bass, and MARK FERBER on drums. The band went into the studio in 2020 to record the music they’d been performing. The new CD entitled FIELD THEORY will be released April 9th, 2021 on the PACIFIC COAST JAZZ record label.

His previous projects also featured RICH PERRY on tenor sax which led to the creation of two albums: CONDUITS [2015] with MARK FERBER (drums) and THOMSON KNEELAND (bass), and TAPESTRIES OF SONG [2011] with STEVE LASPINA (bass) and DAN WEISS (drums). Both CDs were released on the Pacific Coast Jazz record label to much acclaim and feature Panayides’ compositions. Panayides has been taking his music to Asia for several years now, collaborating with the famous Korean drummer Oh Jong Dae in Seoul and Alec Haavik, a legend of the Shanghai jazz scene, in China.

Panayides, who grew up in Springfield, OH, and Indianapolis, IN, played piano when he was young but switched to guitar because he was inspired by Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix. He discovered jazz in high school and continued his education at the Manhattan School of Music where he studied with jazz guitarist Rodney Jones and pianist Garry Dial, both of whom have had a lasting impact. Matt holds a BM from Manhattan School of Music and an MM from William Paterson University.

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8 April 2021

Trinidadian Deep - Be Near Me

Label Eureka! is proudly announcing their 7th release and the first release in 202 with Afro Broken Beats track by deep house producer Trinidadian Deep from Trinidad and Tobago who has founded by one of the legends Ron Trent. Be Near Me has organic synthesiser sound exquisitely intertwined with bouncy percussions, strong drum kick and rhythmical piano melody which can be widely supported from New York deep house to broken beats.The B-side is a remix by a high profile producer and sound designer from Sapporo Japan. Kuniyuki provided this remix with a magnificently spiritual tribal track beside keeping the original floating feeling.

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