DJ Maestro's weekly mixshow on Radio 4 All

26 November 2023

Starting next Saturday, December 2nd, Jazz de Ville's DJ Maestro will begin his weekly mixshow on Dutch radio station Radio4All.

The show, airing evry week from 22:00 to 24:00 CET, will feature DJ Maestro spinning a mix of danceable tracks spanning jazz, funk, Brazilian music, and Afrobeat, including both original tracks and remixes.

DJ Maestro is known for his skill in blending various musical genres, creating a dynamic listening experience. Each week, he will curate a selection of music that promises to keep listeners engaged, whether they're long-time fans of these genres or newcomers. 

Make sure to set a reminder for this blend of jazz, funk, Brazilian tunes, and Afrobeat, all brought to you by DJ Maestro on Radio4All.

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